Four Forest Restoration Initiative

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Get Involved

The Forest Service is committed to working with the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI) Stakeholder Group and all interested members of the public prior to, during, and following the official National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process as it develops. The Forest Service will be using input from diverse individuals and organizations to inform NEPA products such as the purpose and need statement, proposed action, alternatives, collection and use of data, impact analysis, development of a preferred alternative and/or recommendations regarding mitigation of environmental impacts, and development of monitoring and adaptive management processes. 

Individuals and organizations interested in 4FRI may join the 4FRI Stakeholder Group or work directly with the Forest Service 4FRI Implementation Team.

Contacts for the 4FRI Stakeholder Group can be found in the "Stakeholder" menu tab.

Contacts for the Forest Service 4FRI Implementation Team can be found in the "Contacts" menu item in the top menu on each page.

We look forward to hearing from you and involving you in this exciting initiative!


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