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Mexican Spotted Owl Workshop Agenda
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The 4FRI Multi-party Monitoring Board, along with partner sponsors, hosted a workshop in January 2016 centered around the Mexican Spotted Owl (MSO). The workshop was developed in response to stakeholder interest in on-going research, and a desire to understand more clearly the 2012 MSO Recovery Plan intent and potential implications for landscape-level ecological restoration.

Workshop Need:

(from the MSO Recovery Plan) “Communication and collaboration among scientists, land managers, and interested publics should play a key role in shaping future research. Managers need to understand the methods, problems, and uncertainties involved with gaining reliable knowledge from ecological research. Scientists, on the other hand, must rely on managers to identify appropriate questions and political and legal constraints, to implement experimental treatments, and to develop appropriate implementation of knowledge derived from research results in an adaptive management context.”

Workshop Goal:

Information sharing among stakeholders, researchers, and managers

  • Learn about recent research findings from on-going and future long-term MSO projects
  • Learn about research and monitoring questions, appropriate scales and implications of results
  • Define and clarify terms, methods, challenges in MSO monitoring and research

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